1978 Lancia Gamma Berlina

A contribution by Matthias Zabel from Hamburg, Germany

This car was produced from 1976 to 1984. About 15.000 berlinas were built,
additionally about 6.500 Coupés. The development of the sedan started in 1970. At this time,
it was a collaboration of Lancia and Citroen; that´s why the car has some similarities to the Citroen CX.
In 1971 the alliance split, and Lancia had to finish the development on its own. Some basic elements were carried
over, such as the fastback roofline (without large tailgate). Some sources say that Pininfarina had worked on the
design of the Gamma Berlina. While it´s true that Pininfarina has penned the beautiful Coupé, his influence on the
Berlina styling is rather doubtful. In Italy, the Gamma Berlina was one of the top executive cars but sales remained
low all over the years. Most problematic item was the engine, a flat-four construction with 2,0 or 2,5 liter capacity. Lancia
used bad materials so the life of the engines frequently was limited to 50.000 or 70.000 kilometres. Few Berlinas survived.