1988 Bitter Type 3

A contribution by Alexander Zabel from Hamburg, Germany

The Bitter Type 3 was designed in Germany by Erich Bitter. The Type 3 was meant to be the successor of the Bitter SC.
It used the platform and the technical equipment of the then-new Opel Omega (Type A) but the platform was
shortened by 35 centimetres. Engines came from Opel, too, it was a 3,0 litre straight six with 177 hp.
In 1988, General Motors planned to distribute the car in the USA via its Isuzu dealers, and at one
point, they even thought about selling the car as an Isuzu. In late 1988 this brochure were
printed, but in 1989 GM withdrew before production started. Five prototypes have been
built in Italy by a Carrozzeria called CECOMP, four of them are still alive.
The first prototype used a 3,9 litre straight 6 engine from the former SC
and had a weight of 1,8 tons.