1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport

This is our daily driver

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- 1998 Jeep Cherokee pictures -

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Cherokee Cherokee

Built in Toledo, Ohio. June 18 - 1998
Powered by a 2,5 liter gasoline engine, and a five speed man gearbox.
We bought it in march 2007 with only 87.000 kilometers/54.000 miles.

- Log of repairs -

******************************* - Log of repairs - ***********************************

August 2007.
Instrument panel dead.
Speedometer, tachometer and all the other instrument panel indicators does not move.
Remove the instrument print plate and soldering the "input channels"

March 2008.
New all season Cooper tires, 235-75X15.

September 2008.
Driver side window unable to move. The wire mechanism broke.

April 2009.
New brake parts, front disks and pads replaced. The old ones where worn out.

May 2009.
New handbrake. An integrated part of the handbrake
broke,and I had tro buy the whole handbrake system.
Bought it from our local Jeep dealer G.Bil in Kristiansand.

May 2009.
New rear shock absorbers installed.
The old ones were worn out.

February 2010.
New rear leaf springs.
On the drivers side one leaf had broken.

11 April 2010.
Finally I repaired the broken (driver side) power window mechanism. (It broke in September 2008)
I always knew I was to buy a parts car so I waited. Have to admit it took longer than expected. :-)

09 December 2011.
New winter tires.
Jeep running good, no problems.

14 January 2012.
The front brake calipers are worn out.
Bought new parts from Phoenixuscars.no in Tønsberg, Norway.

23 March 2012.
Replacing the front axle u-joints and front wheel bearings.
Bought new parts from Phoenixuscars.no in Tønsberg, Norway.

28 May 2012.
Driver side door hinges is sagging.
Replacing the hinge pins, problem solved.

09 September 2012.
New headlights. The old ones were rusty inside.

14 May 2013.
New summer wheels.
Bought a used set online.

09 April 2014.
New summer tires.
Using a set from a parts car that I bought a few years back.

20 April 2014.
New parts for the sway bar.
Exhaust muffler rusty and leaky, replaced with one from the parts car.

01 July 2014.
Replacing all four front ball joints and the universal joints.
Both rear wheel/brake sylinders, break shoes and drums + new rear brake line.

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