Visitor & contributor information/terms of use

I get contributions to my site from around the world,
therefore I may get content that are not owned by the actual contributor.
Please let me know if you find content that shouldn't be published on my site.

Sharing images:
If you want to use images from my website please ask for permission.
I can not give permission to use pictures by contributors or manufacturers,
only those from my "private" archive/collection. These I have no problems sharing.

Scanning information:
Usually a scan resolution of about 200 dpi will be fine.
If your scans require stitching ensure that both picture sections are the
same size, they also need to be square with each other and have some overlap.
Save files in JPG format, (8) high quality. This will produce a file of about 2 MB.
It's a good idea to send me a sample first. For brochure contributions I prefer brochures
that are older than 1990. Add as much information as possible about your files, Thanks a lot.

Brochure sharing site:
I have a brochure sharing agreement with the site TOCMP (The Old Car Manual Project).
This means that we pick stuff that we like from each others brochure sections and publish it on our own site.

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