Breakfast in Lyngdal

Let's see where that brings us...
Before leaving, we are off to the postoffice to pick up a surprise parcel.
Got it from my Arizona friend Stan Aksamit. Thank you very much Stan. Loved it... :-)

A carton full of brochures.

Harry bakery in Lyngdal and my danish friend Per.
Harry bakery is the favorite bakery of the world famous Elvis impersonator - Kjell Elvis.

Good timing.
We met both Elvis and the bakery owner... :-).

Bad timing.
The Harley-Davidson dealer closed two minutes before we arrived.

The coolest briefcase in town.

The coolest garage in town.

Oh yeah! It's a ZR-1 Convertible. (Custom made).

The coolest lamps in town.

The coolest art in town.

On our way home.
Somebody just bought a classic car.