Roadtrip to Horten, Norway

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Our friends from Denmark brought their Grand Sport.

- "a whaling city" -

From 1905 to 1914, 25 whaling companies were founded in Sandefjord.
The city experienced a tremendously prosperous economical period.
Towards the end of the 1920's Sandefjord had a fleet of 15 factory ships and more than 90 whalers.
When the whale trade reached it's climax in the early 1950's, there was hectic activity at the harbour
during summer when the entire fleet was home. From the mid 1950's whaling was gradually reduced. A gradual
readjustment to tankers indicated that the trade itself understood that the extraordinary era of whaling was coming to an end.

The whaling monument in a downtown roundabaout.