Kayaking with friends

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Kayaking the skerries around Baaly.
Took us about 4 hours to do this sea route, including a rest stop for some bakery food. :-)

At Lindesnes hytteservice you can buy cool scale cars.

A small meal/fishsoup at the local fishmarket before kayaking.

Going back by car to stay the night at my friends cabin.
We had to kayak for a good half an hour to get to the island of Hille.
At night we went out to catch crabs, didn't get many. The total count was 23 crabs.

Some nice places by the roadside.

Arriving at the island in the evening.

Catch of the night.

Boiled and ready to eat.

Going back home. Sunday turned out to be a rainy day.