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Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Off to find the aircraft wreck, a german Junker 88.
It had a crew of four persons, all died at the crash site.
The story on this wreck is that it flew too low in bad weather
trying to land at Kjevik, Kristiansand airport after a recon mission.

Aircraft data:
Ju 88D-1, werknr 430557, 4N+CH, from 1.(F)/22. Crashed 23. September. 1944.

We were told by the locals not to expect a lot, not much left after all these years.
It proved hard to find, but we have a nose for stuff like this and found it after some searching.

To the left, a Junker 61. To the right, a Junker 88. Guess this needs some explaining? :-)
The Junker 61 is my Danish friends girlfriend. Her middle name is Junker and she had a great great grandfather from Germany.
He lived back in the late 1800s, before the aircrafts. He was a relative to the Junker family that later went into the aircraft business.

Part of a wing.

A few nice ice-formations that we saw on our way back.