A few days at Bornholm island, Denmark

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Arriving in Hirtshals, Denmark

Our ride!.

Click on map to see how we got there.

Click on map for Bornholm.

A short stop at a bike shop.

Then a visit to Caps Harley Davidson in Aarhus.

Visiting a gearhead friend.

Heading for another ferry.

Sjaellands Odde.

The tunnel and bridge system to get from Copenhagen, Denmark to Sweden.

Welcome To Sweden!
Driving through sweden and taking the ferry from the town of Ystad is our fastest way to get to Bornholm.

Got a few ours to spend in Sweden before taking the ferry to Bornholm.
Getting hungry and we know about an american style diner an hour away. Got to go there!