Bristol Beaufighter wreck - Feda, Norway

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

You can read the history/facts on this crash here: Bristol Beaufighter wreck - Feda, Norway

Todays task was to find this plane and other interesting things that might show up.

Found this 1937 Studebaker on a backroad.

Starting point for today's hike.

We found a lot of parts here in the forest and some down by the nearby lake, found no engines.
Since the engines are quite heavy I guess they were thrown further away, most likely into the lake.
It's easy to figure out from what direction the plane came in - Maybe they tried to get a softer landing in the lake, but did not reach that far.

The lake is just a 100 metres down the hill.

I am not all alone out here. Did this hike together with my friend Torleiv.