Weekend kayaking - Hille island, Mandal - Norway

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Soon evening and we are heading back to the cabin for supper.

Time for supper.

And a well-deserved one after eight hours in the kayak! :-)
Photo by Janne Tangerud.

Sunday morning and ready for a few more hours in the kayak, then heading home.

Quite windy today, expecting higher waves and also clouds.
Today's goal is to visit Hatholmen lighthouse where we will have our lunch on bonfire.

Scary stuff!

Look the other way and the sky is totally blue.

There is a mink on the rock and one in the water.


Heading for the lighthouse.
You can rent this place on a daily basis all year round.
Both the dock house and the lighthouse are for rent, and there are 13 beds.

Ryvingen lighthouse.