Roadtrip to get a new windshield for the AMC

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

On my way back from where I bought the AMC I got a rock-chip in the windshield.
Actually got two at the same time. Just 10 minutes from home while passing a roadwork section.
Isn 't that typically? Had been on the road for three hours and was almost home. That was not my lucky day!!

Found a garage in Halden, Norway that could get the windshield and replace it so we did a roadtrip out of that repair.

Half way there the AMC got some problems. Luckily we were close to my favorite garage here in Norway - Phoenix US Cars in Tønsberg.
The problem we got was sudden vibration and a very loud noise from under the car. Stopped to see if I could figure out the problem, but I could not see
anything wrong. Got to Phoenix US Cars and they found the problem. The crossmember mount for the transmission and transfer case had disintegrated.
That's not an easy part to find right there, so instead they modfied a Tahoe mount and got us running again after a two hour break. What a great garage!!!
They were very busy, yet they prioritized us. Can't thank these guys enough!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :-) While waiting for the car to get fixed we did a tour of their facilities.

At Phoenix US Cars in Tønsberg, Norway.

Getting the AMC fixed.

Cars for sale.