Nesvåg - Hidra
Lighthouse and WWII plane wrecks

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Then off to look for the other plane.
Just Torleiv and me for the rest of the trip.
Like the Lockheed this one crashed due to bad visability.
It hit the mountain near the top, so there is parts of the plane on both sides of the mountain.
On the west side there is a kind of a swamp. Found a lot of stuff there, but most of it is "hidden" in the svamp. While crossing the
swamp you can see and feel the wreck under your feet. Found some engine parts at that side of the mountain and I believe there is more in the swamp.

Another 40 minute walk to get to this one.

Near the top.
Will look for parts of the plane on the east side of the mountain first.

This one is at the mountain top, will head down the hill to look for more.

Something all the way down there. Checking it out!

Going to the other side (west) of the mountain.

Down at the swamp.
A lot of parts here, but you can only see a few of them.


Trying to get some of it out of the swamp.
I believe there will be engine parts to find if you dig here.

What we saw from the mountain top - Engine crankshaft.

Photo by Torleiv Nordgarden.