A three day roadtrip to Spangereid & Lista

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Closing in on Snekkestø, Lista!

Snekkestø, our place for the night.


And a few sunset pictures!

Good morning.

Today we will meet some friends that will join us for a hike along the coastline.
They will bring their camping trailers and spend one night. While waiting for them to show up we are off for a short morning hike.

Heading up to a nearby mountain top, looks like a nice vantage point.

Heading down to the old Lista WWII airport to meet our friends.

There they are, now off for a hike.

Lista lighthouse.

WWII stuff!

Holy cow!!!
Found some parts of a plane.
Most likely washed ashore as there are no crash site right here.
However there are a few planes that crashed nearby during WWII, both German and British. Most likely from one of them!