- A busy wednesday -

Photo by Hans Tore Tangerud

Starting the day with a trip to Båly.
Our eldest son works on the fishing boat on the picture below.
He needed transport, so we were up early. it's a 1,5 hour drive west to get to Båly.

On my way back at a friends garage - Nobody there!

Then off to Johan.
He needs a little help with the brakes on his Oldsmobile.

Per is on the job!
Not sure if that's a good idea! :-)

Then Johan invited us on a moped trip for lunch.
He got a few mopeds. Here's Torleiv eagerly waiting to go!

Johan looks to be ready too!

And Per is ready!

A short stop for a quick fix!

At the lunch place where we met "The Girls" and also Jan & Siri.

My ride was this Tempo Panter 50, rebuilt by Johan to a 150.

The picture below by Per Pouls.

The mopeds are old so a few adjustments was expected!

Johans Suzuki started to run a litte strange so we stopped, then this happened! :-)

Luckily it did not break hitting the ground!

So we got it running again!

1975 Tempo Panter.

And we are back!

Then seaside supper with my wife Janne.

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