Roadtrip in our Jeep Cherokee

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Sunday morning.
Breakfast and a little more sightseeing before heding out trying to fix/replace the Jeep radiator.

At gearhead Odd Endres place, fixing the radiator.
The spare he had was for a diesel Jeep, so it did not fit.

Before we left for this roadtrip I did check all the fluids,
the brakes etc. Did not think of the radiator, only the level of fluid in it.
If I had known the condition of it I would have installed a new one before the roadtrip.

So we had to do a quick fix, blocking off the leaky section.
The problem with that is reduced cooling, which can be a problem driving those mountainpass sections that we have ahead of us.

Thank you very much Odd Endre!

On the road again.

First mountain pass test for the radiator.

Oh no, it's boiling!!!! :-(
But not leaking, so the fix is good. But the reduced capacity is an issue.
Our destination for this roadtrip was Helgelandskysten, about 14 hours away with many mountain pass sections.
So we have to make another plan! We are eight hours away from home, mostly downhill and flat terrain. Reduced capacity should work! :-)
So we plan for a two day trip home, doing some cool stuff on our way. When back we will go north buy plane and rent a car to get to where we had planned.