By the sea & Garage visit

Photo by Hans Tore Tangerud

Alfa Romeo Zagato 1600.

The Alfa Romeo Junior Z was a limited production two-seater coupé with aerodynamic bodywork by Zagato.
The kamm tail wedge-shaped body was designed by Ercole Spada at Zagato. The rear boot lid could be opened a crack
(electrically operated) so as to aid in cabin ventilation. The Junior Z was introduced at the 51st Salone del Automobile di Torino in 1969.

The car was based on the floorpan, driveline and suspension of the Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior.
The platform was manufactured at Pininfarina factory and transferred to the coachbuilder Maggiora to be bodied
and then sent to Zagato. The 1600 Junior Z was launched at the 54th Salome del automobile di Torino in November 1972.
In this case the car was based on the unaltered floorpan of the 1600 Spider so that the standard sized fuel tank could be left in place.
As a consequence, at 4 metres long the 1600 Junior Z measured 100 mm more than the 1300. Besides the longer tail, a number of exterior details
diguished the 1600 Junior Z from the previous model. The arched front bumper was bulkier, the fuel filler was moved to the left hand side, the tail
lights were larger items sourced from the 2000 Berlina, the door handles had black plastic housings, and the exhaust pipe was down turned. Badging on
the tail now read "1600 Z" instead of "Junior Z" In total 402 examples of the 1600 were made.

Green was the original colour on this car and it will be green again when finished.

One of the guys here are restoring a Citroen SM.
Can't wait to see that thing!!!

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