2013 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Special

2019 pictures and work log

***** 14 May - 2019 *****
Just a few pictures from the "roadtrip" to the Harley dealer to pick it up.
It's a three hour drive one way. They bought my Sportster so it was my ride to get there.

06:30 in the morning - Gettig ready for a new bike!

Almost there.

Oh yeah, there it is!

Heading home.

Met a friend.

The sportster was my "around town" bike.
Sold it because we now have more need for a two seater.

***** 16 May - 2019 *****
Out for a photoshoot.

***** 28 August - 2019 *****
Out shooting a few pictures.
Removed the windshield as it only made my head shake! :-)

***** 21 October - 2019 *****
On two wheels with friends.

***** 13 December - 2019 *****
Out for a warmup ride during winter storage.