1975 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

- 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible -

2013 pictures and work log

21 February 2013
Out for a "warm-up lap".
Feeling the need to run it hot now and then during winter storage.

07 May 2013
Finally a sunny day.

03 June 2013
Changing to a parts car carburator.
It came off of the Silver Anniversary Corvette I had as a parts car.
The original carb has a problem when I corner hard and accelerate at the same time.
Almost as if it "dries" out. It's an easy process to check if the parts car carb works better.

That didn't work well. Learned one thing today.
Don't install a carburator that has been sitting in the garage for years.
I got it running, but not the way it should. Opened it up and reason was obvious. Everything was "rusty".
Not regular rust, but the white fluffy kind. As seen on the accelerator pump unit on the right picture below.

15 july 2013
Just a few pictures.

20 August 2013
Front urethane bumper is disintegrating/starting to crack.
Same thing happened to the rear bumper in 2009. Back then I changed to an Ecklers fiberglass unit.

I have a fiberglass unit for the front and also a urethane bumper from a parts car.
Plan was to use the fiberglass bumper, but the fit is terrible. So I will go for the parts car bumper that seems flexible and good.

It was so porous that it cracked everywhere when it was bent/removed.

Replacing the rusty bracket with the one from my original bumper.

Ready for paint.
I will get it painted separately, less messy.

Fit seems good.

01 October 2013
Painted and installed.