1980 AMC Eagle wagon 4x4

- 1980 AMC Eagle wagon 4x4 -

2020 pictures & work log


----- August -----

Just bought this AMC Eagle.
Sold new in Flagstaff, Arizona and ownd by a lady until it was imported to Norway in 2010.
After we junked the 1998 Jeep Cherokee I needed another car to take me to the "coffee on bonfire" trips.

Next step is to get an overview of the car and start to detail it to where I want it. Also got a ton of parts on the deal.
Bought it on the west coast near Haugesund. Here's a few pictures from picking it up.

After five trouble free hours on the road I am back home.

Unpacking all the parts that came with the car.

Starting the job of detailing and "upgrading" with some of the new parts.
Replacing broken speaker covers with new.

New rubber seal for the back door.

It had these splash guards on all four corners.
Removed those up front and replaced rear splash guards with original rubber parts.

Replacing broken headliner/windshield trim pieces.

New windshield viper blades.

"Restoring" the trailer hitch.

Installing new hood insulation mat.

----- September -----

Since that sticker is in such a bad condition I did put a new one on top of it.
Just remove the one I added and it's still there!!! :-)

New window seal rubber on all 4 doors.
The old ones were no longer recognizable as rubber!


The condition of the bottom of all 4 doors. Thank you Arizona! :-)

Lubricating everything and adding a little rust protection.

Out for a ride!

Some of the papers that came with the car.

After a few more days of detailing!

It runs a little cold, replacing the theromstat.

Checking the condition of the rear brakes.

Shoes are good and no leaks, but very dry and dusty.
Also the self adjusters were not working - both "rusted" so they would not turn.
Even with a vice I could not get them to work, luckily I had some identical from the Jeep I just junked.

Evening shot!

Got some nicer screws for the headlight trim.

The exhaust system had a boring/diesel like "end piece". Fixed it!

Better looking screws for the lisence plate.

"AMCing" on a sunny day!

New splash guards for the front.

----- October -----

Since the AC does not work and I don't need it here in Norway I am trying to remove most of the AC "stuff".
Hoses are gone, and today I wanted to remove the AC compressor. Did not get that job done as I found out that I need to make a
new bracket for the alternator before I can remove it. Removed the "hose units" though, so now the AC compressor looks a bit cleaner.

"Pimping it"! :-)

A short story found at hagerty.com
The buyout of the company by Chrysler Corporation took effect officially on 5 August 1987.
The production of the Eagles continued for the 1988 model year. The car's name was officially changed from AMC Eagle to Eagle Wagon.

Restored these rusty steel winter wheels.

Got the winter wheels on.

New engine oil & filter.

Replacing a worn out Pitman Arm.
Bought the parts at Phoenix US Cars here in Norway. (As I always do).

----- November -----

On my way back from where I bought the AMC I got a rock-chip in the windshield.
Actually got two at the same time. Just 10 minutes from home while passing a roadwork section.
Isn 't that typically? Had been on the road for about five hours and was almost home. That was not my lucky day!!

Found a garage in Halden, Norway that could get the windshield and replace it so we did a roadtrip out of that repair.

Half way there the AMC got some problems. Luckily we were close to my favorite garage here in Norway - Phoenix US Cars in Tønsberg.
The problem we got was sudden vibration and a very loud noise from under the car. Stopped to see if I could figure out the problem, but I could not see
anything wrong. Got to Phoenix US Cars and they found the problem. The crossmember mount for the transmission and transfer case had disintegrated.
That's not an easy part to find right there, so instead they modfied a Tahoe mount and got us running again after a two hour break. What a great garage!!!

They were very busy, yet they prioritized us. Can't thank these guys enough!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :-)

In Halden getting the windshield replaced.

On our way back home we had to visit Phoeniux US Cars again.
The "clutch" in the cooling fan broke, resulted in an overly hot engine.
At Phoenix they found a used GM unit that they modified slightly so I could make it fit in the AMC.

A few pictures from a coffee on bonfire trip to a mine.