1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

- 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon -

2010 pictures and work log

Our plan is to make it our vacation car.
It has plenty space and that good soft American comfort.
We are adding the roof tent from our Jeep Cherokee to this one.
By doing this we have a spacious car that will easily sleep four people.
Two on the roof and two in the back. Plan is to have it in top shape for the 2011 season.

Technically it is very good and rust free. It's originally a
California car. The AC is not blowing and will be removed along with
lot's of other strange stuff located under the hood. Very little need for AC in Norway.
The paint job looks better on pictures than live, best described as sun-dried. Well, patina is ok.

Engine is a 5,0 liter V8, gearbox is a 4-speed auto. Weight is just below two tons, of comfort. :-)

***** 28 July - 2010 *****
Here we go again.
The stripes that split the two colors is "worn", now replaced.

It came with Buick logos on the wheels, luckily I had Chevrolet logos on the "shelf".

***** 29 July - 2010 *****
Partly new exhaust system. Made by Dag at Svendsen Eksos in Kristiansand.

***** 30 July - 2010 *****
Removing the fold out rear seats, will use the space as luggage compartment .

Replacing a broken window washer - Had one on the "shelf".

Also replacing a broken brake release mechanism. Another one from the shelf.
I have a few extra parts for these cars, as I bought a parts car for my former Caprice sedan.

Rear window moldings repainted.

A look inside.

***** 01 August - 2010 *****
Replacing a very bad dash pad.
Had one on the shelf. Was originally blue, now painted black.
Got a little help from a very friendly, hairy and curious neighbor.

***** 03 August - 2010 *****
Removing all kinds of stuff.
Now it runs smoother and also a bit faster.

***** 06 August - 2010 *****
Still runs smooth. Maybe someday I will add some shiny new parts.

All the unnecessary stuff.

***** 15 August - 2010 *****
The wire hub caps is making so much noise so I removed them.
Instead I am now using the Corvette rally wheel trim rings that
was original on my Corvette. Also new custom valve stem caps.

Replacing a broken rear fender ventilator.

Replacing a broken front ashtray.
Also new rubber floor mats.

New custom door lock knobs.

New valve breather.

New air filter screw.

***** 20 August - 2010 *****
Roof tent installed.

***** 29 August - 2010 *****
The first night - Caprice and roof tent camping.

***** 26 September - 2010 *****
Gone fishing.
A nice day, but no fish.

***** 02 October - 2010 *****
Gone for a weekend in the mountains.
Staying one night in/on the car at the "base camp".
Woke up to a rainy day. (This was expected, but we did hope the weatherman was wrong, again).
Not so, moutain trip cancelled, instead we went to the sea to watch the waves. Better luck next time.

Pancakes on the bonfire and a rainy morning.

***** 03 October - 2010 *****
Another day by the sea.

***** 16 October - 2010 *****
A weekend by the sea.
(Lista, two hours west of Kristiansand)

The beautiful city of Farsund.



Camping and fishing at a small harbor close to Lista lighthouse.

Next morning, climbing a closeby mountain top

***** 17 October - 2010 *****
Got this licenceplate from my friend Frank Williams in California.
Thanks a lot, very cool.

***** 31 October - 2010 *****
Not satisfied with the performance, so here we go again.
Installing new HEI distributor and a new Edelbrock 650 cfm carb.
Now it makes enough power to "climb hills" without getting tired. This "mod" really woke her up.
Comparing it to other cars I have owned and driven I guess the output is now close to 180 horsepowers.

Also installed a new underhood mat. To the left, some more parts that we don't need.

***** 08 November - 2010 *****
Installing fuel filter for the new carb. Also rearranging the spark plug wires.

For comparison, below what it looked like before removing all the stuff.