1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

- 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon -

2012 pictures and work log

***** 06 April - 2012 *****
New tires without white decor stripe.
235 wide up front and 255 for the rear.

I just had to add a picture of this Plymouth wagon for all of you to see.
To me this is one of the best looking "modern" wagons ever made. Love it!

***** 08 April - 2012 *****
Breakfast and sightseeing in Grimstad.
A small coastal town, 30 minutes by car north east of Kristiansand.

This was a wine factory (in Grimstad), that is out of business.
Would be nice to have this as a clubhouse for the car club, and as a workshop/garage.
Plenty space in the front to arrange car shows, also large enough for guest to sleep over. Yeah, in my dreams!

I guess this would do fine too, maybe a bit more realistic. Guess I am dreaming again :-)

Breakfast & sightseeing in Grimstad

***** 09 April - 2012 *****
A sunday walk in Marvika.
This used to be an old navy base. It's located by
the seaside on the eastern Kristiansand suburb called Lund.
It's a nice place with some cool buildings and second world war history.

A sunday walk in Marvika

***** 25 May - 2012 *****
Sightseeing old powerplants.
These powerplants are still in business.
It's a 30 minute drive up the valley from downtown Kristiansand.
Brought along my danish friend Per. (The guy with the Orange '55 Chevy).

Sightseeing old powerplants

***** 04 June - 2012 *****
A few pictures from this weekend.

***** 09 June - 2012 *****
A sunday ride.
The coastline between Kristiansand and Mandal.

A sunday ride along the coastline

***** 24 july - 2012 *****
A picture from our "Skandinavian" roadtrip.
Check it out here: Scandinavian roadtrip

***** 13 August - 2012 *****
Roadtrip to Lysebotn.

Roadtrip to Lysebotn - part 1
Roadtrip to Lysebotn - part 2.... Roadtrip to Lysebotn - part 3.... Roadtrip to Lysebotn - part 4

***** 21 October - 2012 *****
The gear indicator wire broke.
This was a quick fix. I had one on the shelf from the parts cars.

***** 20 November - 2012 *****
A gift from my danish friend Per.
That's a good one. Thank you Per. :-)

***** 21 November - 2012 *****
This washer/distance came out of the Roy Brizio Street Rods garage.
So my Caprice is now custom built by Roy Brizio Street Rods. How cool is that? :-)

Roy Brizio and me at his garage in San Francisco.