1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

- 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon -

2015 pictures and work log

***** 15 February - 2015 *****
My friend (Jon Sletten) made this cool drawing.

***** 15 February - 2015 *****
New front floor mats.

The old ones were getting ugly.

Installing matching mud gards.

***** 01 June - 2015 *****
Transmission is worn out, luckily I got a spare.
Prepairing it for installation. New filter and gasket.

***** 23 June - 2015 *****
Transmission installation.
A 12 hour job with my limited collection of tools.
I guess doing the job in the driveway added a few hours. :-)

Also changing the bearing, o-ring and gasket in the transmission oil pump.

New "simmer-rings" front and back of transmission.

Getting it out was easy, getting the new one in took twice the time.

Broken rear transmission mount.
So I found the reason for a "funny" sound/bang I got now and then.

Worn out.

Ready for new adventures. :-)

***** 01 October - 2015 *****
A beautiful morning.

***** 13 October - 2015 *****
Had Caprice in for inspection, it's mandatory every two years.
Had to change a few steering parts and adjust the passenger side rear brake.