1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

- 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon -

2021 pictures and work log

***** March - 2021 *****

Getting ready for another season.

Bought a camping awning for our wagon.
Have to fabricate some removable mounting brackets.
My friend Per is helping me, he's got the right tools (welding machine) and skills! :-)

Next up is paint and testing.

Got a gift from Per! :-)

Meanwhile this one broke. Had an extra from a parts car! :-)

Painted the brackets for the awning.

***** April - 2021 *****

Painted the wheels and inspected the brakes.
Driver side rear drum had groves in it and then the brake shoes too.
Looked in my spare part shelf and found what I needed. These pats came of a parts car I bought many years ago (2002).

***** May - 2021 *****

Using our camping awning for the first time.
Worked just as we hoped for, got rain in the evening and we stayed dry sitting inside.

***** June - 2021 *****

***** July - 2021 *****

Good timing!!! :-)
After coming home from our last roadrip, while the car was ideling in front of our garage the top radiator hose started leaking.
Called my parts place Phoenix US Cars to get a new one. Got a new the day after!!!!

***** September - 2021 *****

Just a few photos.