1993 Jeep Cherokee

- 1993 Jeep Cherokee -

- 2021 Pictures -

----- January 2021 -----

Our 1998 Jeep was sent to the junkyard last year.
They did not get a lot! :-) Removed all the parts I thought I might use.
We already have the backseat (with headrests) from that car, now we have the same matching headrests on the front seats.

Changed the crank position sensor about two years ago.
Did that because the car suddenly stopped "now and then", new sensor fixed it.
The other day this happened again. I believe it's that same sensor that has issues, although it's almost new.
It's what I will try first as troubleshooting. Had a working sensor from the junked 1998 car. Looks the same, but did not have the same plug.
So I modified the 1998 sensor adding the 1993 plug. It has now been running for two days with no issues. So now I hope this will be the cure again..

----- February 2021 -----

No issues with the sensor, no sudden stop so far. :-)

Wife had a little accident.
She hit her office wall early in the morning on icy roads.
Luckily I had the parts we needed from one of the parts cars! :-)

----- August 2021 -----

The light switch in the dashboard died, had a spare from the '98 that worked. :-)

Both side mirrors had some issues with broken "hinges".
Had a set of mirrors from a parts car that I installed.

New air cleaner and oil filter.