1993 Jeep Cherokee

- 1993 Jeep Cherokee -

- 2022 Pictures -

----- January 2022 -----

Just a few photos.

----- February 2022 -----

Passenger seatbelt broke!.
Out looking for a parts car that I bought stuff from a few years back.
Luckily it was still there. Got good seatbelts and a set of steel wheels for my AMC Eagle.

A spring or something broke in the silver belt buckle, so the black and red is the new one. (Yes, did both sides).

----- April 2022 -----

Finally got the yellow side reflex things.
A friend had a garage cleanup and dropped off all this.

Also needed the passenger side headlight trim as mine had some cracks.

----- June 2022 -----

New waterpump.

----- September 2022 -----

New radiator.