Motorcycle meet Tyrigrava
4th July cruising LillestrÝm - Roadtrip Rondane etc.

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

This was very a smart cow/bull.
Blocked the road until all of his family had crossed. Never seen that before!

We are about 7 hours from Kristiansand and on a backroad, then we meet this group of cars from where we live. :-)

That's Alf in his Lincoln. :-)

It's already sunday and we are heading for Nesbyen.
Our youngest son Fredrik is there with a skateboard demo team.
After that we are heading home to Kristiansand. A six hour drive to get home.

Fredrik in action at the skateboard demo show.
He was invited to this demo by the national team coach. :-)

Sunday evening, soon back home!