Roadtrip in our Jeep Cherokee

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

At a gas station.

At this mountain pass we got a Jeep problem!
The radiator started to leak, so we had to skip the mountain pass and drive the tunnel.
It's saturday and no garage is open, also none of the gas stations here had that radiator liquid seal stuff.
After a few phone calls we got lucky and came in contact with a local gearhead that may have a radiator that will fit.
We actually visited this guy a few years back, drove by his place and saw all the stuff he had outside stopped and he invited us in.
So now we will meet him tomorrow (sunday morning) to try and fix our problem, meanwhile we will stay at the local campground here in Lærdalsøyri.

Lærdalsøyri/Lærdal is a nice place, so no problem staying a night here.

Off for a little sightseeing and something to eat.

The parking lot at the hotel where we will eat supper! :-)

More sightseeing before heading back to the campground.