Dragracing - Fyresdal, Norway - 2022

Photos by Hans Tore Tangerud

Spending another night camping before heading home.

The photo below by Janne Tangerud.

Soon off to bed!

Good morning!

Back on the road.
Before heading home we are planning for a hike to Rjukanfossen waterfall.

Then this happened!
Car died and we had to call for help.
No spark on the plugs and nothing is loose.
This is the first time in our ownership (13 years) that we have needed roadside assistance for the old wagon.

Luckily they had a "tow truck" in a nearby village.
We only had to wait for an hour, and they will bring the car back home for us.
That's a two hour drive. My classic car insurance will pay for it all. Thanks a lot to amcar.no & if.no

So that waterfall hike will have to wait!

Heading home!

2,5 hours later and the car is back home!!!. :-)

The next day I found the problem.
Had an distributor from a parts car. Replaced the coil, still dead.
Replaced the "computer chip" inside the distributor and it started. :-)