California visitor - September 2011


California visitor - September 2011

My friend and website contributor Mark from 1000 Oaks California just visited us here in Kristiansand.
He's been my "internet" friend for many years. Last year we met for the first time when we visited California.
We got along well and invited him to visit us. The "SOB" took us seriously, bought plane tickets, and knocked on our door. :-)

While visiting him in California he took us to many of his gearhead friends, great people with the same passion for old iron.
I wrote some stories in our local newspaper from our visit and a cover story from the days with Mark and his friends.

Link to the story and picture series from our days together in California below:

California visit 2010:
Our time with Mark - Day 5 ---- Our time with Mark - Day 10
The complete picture series from our U.S. visit: Family roadtrip U.S. 2010
The newspaper story: Newspaper story

Below, picture series from Mark's visit to Kristiansand

Gallery 1.... Gallery 2 .... Gallery 3

And check this out!
Mark brought along a signed picture from one of the "Hollywood" stars.
Signed picture.... The Hollywood star (An earlier contribution)